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Favorites are groups of products that the user can create personally.

Favorites is the quickest way for ordering again the products you are used to have. Instead of searching for each product, each time you want to order it.

  • The user can create his own unlimited number of favorites-groups.
  • Some examples:
    • a simple list of products you need frequently
    • lists of products according your internal departments (ie. office, sales-people, warehouse, etc)
    • lists per type of products (ie. paper-products, supplies, etc.)
    • lists for monthly purchases
    • and lots of other possibilities...
  • By creating different Favorites-groups, the user can organise his products for easy retrieval
  • Of course options to create, manage and delete these lists, are all included.
  • Browsing to his Favorites, the user can order his products all with one click

  • Of course, the user needs to be registered to be able to use this feature.