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Supplies Manager
The Supplies Manager makes it very easy for the user to find a supply for his machine.

This system was specially built for supplies for printers, copiers, and so on. But it can definitely be used for other comparable product ranges. Every product or machine that needs supplies afterwards can be implemented with the Supplies Manager.

To go further on the original idea behind the Supplies Manager:
The user has two options to search for:
  1. Search by brand and modelnumber of his printer (machine)
  2. Or by using a 3 steps method:
    • Choose the supply type (i.e. inkjet supplies)
    • Then he gets a list of available brands to choose out
    • And finally he gets a list of available model numbers (for the supply type and brand he choose)
    • BitsMarket then displays the available supplies for his brand and model number
For all this to work, there are of course some requirements:
  • All references used by the Supplies Manager need to have the same structure.
  • Within this structure you need a prefix, a group number, and some extra data.
  • The prefix is needed per supply type (can be set in the config files).
  • The group number is a 4 digit number (unique number per supply type). This group number stands for a specific brand and model number.
  • Extra data: can be used at your convinience.
And you need to set up a database with following fields:
  • Brand
  • Type / model number
  • Supply type: as set in the config file, so we know which prefix to use
  • Group 1: primary group within this supply type / prefix
  • Group 2: if supplied, this means we use group 1 with a specific digit in the 'extra data', and group 2 with an other digit in the 'extra data'. All this information is set in the config files.
At first it can seems to be difficult, but it gives a lot of possibilities. More information on request.