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Your Secretary
It's important that your customers don't forget you. One way to work on this is to regurarly send E-mailings which is of course included in BitsMarket. But then again, if you send them to much, it's possible they get annoyed and unsubscribe.

But if we offer a way that the user himself ask for e-mail reminders ! Which he can set and delete.

Your secretary gives you this possibility:
  • The user can add e-mail reminders per product.
  • He can also add e-mail reminders without a product, but with a personal message. In this way he can even use it as a kind of agenda. It doesn't matter, every time he gets this e-mail reminder, he sees your name on top.
  • These e-mail reminders can be set on specific hours (can be set in config files). At 10 o clock is set as default: not to early so we don't get lost between the spam of the previous night, and early enough to not to be forgotten over night. Also these hours and which one to set as default can be set in the config files.
  • They can be set as a one time e-mail reminder, or at 6 different intervals
  • The actual e-mails use templates (like everything else does), so you can choose the lay out. The mails are sent in TXT or HTML depending on the user's settings.
  • A separate tool (which must be activated through cron) is supplied for sending the e-mail reminders (see Separate tools)