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Of course, there is a build in solution to send personalised e-mailings with personalised prices (it is also possible to automatically include your Toppers page, see Activating Sales).

You simply make a selection (with as many criteria as you want) on your users, and use this to create a new campaign. From there on you can prepare your e-mailing, look at it online, edit/improve your data and so on.

The moment you think you are ready, you send one test e-mail to yourself. If everything looks ok, you can activate the campaign by entering an activation code which was sent to you in the subject of the test e-mail.

When activating the campaign, you can also choose when the e-mails must be send (now, at a specifique time/date, or in parts, i.e. 500 each hour if you don't have lots of bandwidth).

There is also the possibility to use an external table (ie database with prospects).

This e-mailing module has been completely rewritten and is now based on an idea that I'm also working on (an ASP model for handling e-mailings, newsletters, and so on). This means that it is possible that this module will be seperated from BitsMarket in the future.