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Maintenance is very important ! It is not enough to have the most beautiful and the best e-shop possible, if your data in it is out of date.

Maintenance is something that is overlooked often, although a lot of your time will be in maintenance and keeping your shop up to date.

That's why there is a second package IntraSales. Intra from Intranet, and Sales because it's all about sales.

This is a completely secured site, to be used from the local network, or through the internet (if activated). It is of course password protected. Users of IntraSales can have different access levels, and can be granted access through limited IP's.
You'll find more information about the possibilities of IntraSales in the topic Keep on top

Now about the maintenance:
  • Maintenance of product data can be done online with a web interface per product
  • Or it can be done off line within text files supplied by IntraSales. These text files are made up using templates. After updating your data, these files can be uploaded through IntraSales
  • There is also the possibility to use a work database: when adding products or other data, it is easier to work with the work database, instead of adding directly to the public database, which is of course immediatly visible for the users. Add or edit your data, look at it through the work database, and when all is done, activate it by setting it in the public database.
  • Adding images can be done through a seperate interface. This is easier then going through all the product data, and you can directly see the result (is this the right image for this product ?)
  • Tools to analyse your data help you to find errors. For example each product page can have links to other product pages, but if the "other product page" is at some moment in time deleted, the link must be updated otherwhise the user will get a "nice" error message. You can't keep track of this all manually, so the tools are provided to do it for you.
  • Product pages, index tree, prices, offers, promotions, banners, ... Everything within BitsMarket, can be edited, added, or deleted through templates or online
  • And access levels can be set per each subject.