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Activating Sales
That's of course what's it all about !

Some simple points that can have a positive impact on every site. They are really simple points, that can have huge effects, but it seems a lot of sites don't think about them.
When a user has to wait for a page to come through, he zaps away. So, we need speed. We achieve speed with :
  • A fast engine like BitsMarket.
  • Not over using images: you can also get nice looking pages with a minimal number of images. And in lots of cases this has also the advantage that the page is very clear and simple, which most of the time means the user finds his way easier. Again, if the user does not find directly what he wants, he zaps away again.
  • Hardware is in a lot of circumstances less important.
  • And of course a good connection to the Internet.
A good (maybe the best) example about keeping it simple, a fast engine and not to much images is Google (compare with other search engines).

Of course, BitsMarket offers a lot more for activating sales:
  • A fast search engine.
  • A clear structure to find the right product in no time. (of course also depending on how you set up your data)
  • Promotional banner system with priorities.
  • Context sensitive promotions (depending on what the user is looking for, and if a promotion is available in that product range, BitsMarket will bring it up).
  • Linking to related products and/or related categories (can be defined per product page). These links come on the product page, and if the user adds some products to his cart, also on the confirmation page.
  • Suggestions: when a product is added to the cart, other products can be suggested (i.e. when buying a calculator, he probably needs a paperroll for it, and maybe also an inkroll as reserve).
  • Toppers page: your weekly/monthly best sellers in promotion
  • Free bonus system on a per product basis: buy this, get that free of charge. The nice thing about this: if a user searches for a certain product, he will also see that he can get it for free by buying another (more expensive) product.
  • Offer prices per user with a validity specified in a date and time. The normal price will be with a line through, and below the offer price will be displayed in a color you specify. An icon is also displayed, where the user can click on to see what's it about, and how long this price will be valid.
  • Free gift system if enabled in the config-files: let registered users choose a free gift once a month.

  • Favorites: make it easy for the user to find the products he uses regurarly.
  • Order History: let the user look at what he bought before, and of course, let him reorder immediatly.
  • Supplies Manager: a very specific easy and fast way to find supplies.
  • Your Secretary: e-mail reminder system. The user asks us to remind him about certain products, with certain time-intervals. What better way is there to keep in touch.

  • And an integrated completely automated Database Marketing tool !