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Keep on top
Through IntraSales, a seperate password and IP protected package, supplied together with BitsMarket, you can follow up everything. Besides the complete Maintenance of BitsMarket, you can also :
  • Search, edit, delete or merge users
  • Look at online order history per user (even correct it at some level)
  • Look at the favorites per user
  • Look at the Secretary per user
  • Look at the delivery addresses per user
  • Add and/or view offers per user and send automated confirmation by e-mail
  • Create, edit, view groups
  • Look at who is shopping now
  • Look at specific sessions, see what products are selected, what is searched for, and so on
  • When needed you can even activate session logging (i.e. you want to help a user by phone, and want to see exactly what he is doing, and what messages he gets)
  • Look at all possible logs
  • Send a password to a user (who has asked for it)
  • Send a confirmation to the user when his pricelevel is updated
  • Start E-mailings
  • If the Database Marketing tool is activated, you can also look at a database marketing analysis per user.
  • And much more